About US

I started Grip Cords as a fun way to spread the designs I have for Grab Handles, Key Chains, Winch Hook Pull Handles, Zipper Pulls, and anything custom you can come up with for the Jeep and Offroad market.  I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something new, and take great pride in personally tying each and every order that I receive.  I do not have quick links to purchase items because I want to be in contact with you directly to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for.  

I tied my first set of grab handles well before Grip Cords was ever a plan of mine.  I designed them with the intention of maximizing the amount of usuable 550 Paracord along with functional and useful hardware for emergency applications.  Each grab handle has approximately 18 feet of 550 Paracord along with 2 Stainless Steel bow shackles to make emergency removal easy and functional hardware available.  I know that there are few people that will need to deploy a grab handle in their experiences with Grip Cords, however it was my goal to make it possible if needed.

I'd like to remind you that offroading is a potentially dangerous sport, and that extreme caution should be taken at all times.  While Grip Cords are a functional grab handle, they are not intended to replace any of the factory safety equipment in your vehicle, nor are they designed as a safety feature.  Please offroad responsibly, and enjoy your Grip Cords!